Practicing yoga helps to cultivate a vibrant mind, boost your body's capacity to be healthy and strong and provide awareness in all areas of your life. Breathing with intention and flowing with alignment and focus, you'll reset your energy and dive more deeply into your body's inner sense of strength, resilience and ease. I teach both private and group classes in NYC and look forward to seeing you on the mat.



How we feed ourselves directly impacts how we how we feel every single day. Through one-on-one coaching and counseling, I empower my clients to build the foundation of eating well and living whole- from food to mindset.  My goal is for you to live mindfully, eat good food, experience true nourishment, have fun and feel at home in your body and mind.



Create abundance, awareness and wellness with essential oils. Used for thousands of years as natural medicine, using essential oils is an integral way to support yourself physically, energetically and emotionally. Each essential oil has a special chemical composition that impacts each of the body's systems uniquely. Using them will provide you with practical and effective tools to last you a lifetime.

"Julie was my first yoga teacher ever, and now—over a decade later—is my private teacher. Through illness, health and personal struggles she has tailored a practice to my needs and created a focused, joyful space where I can practice safely, and still be challenged no matter what is going on. Julie is kind, personal, present and also just all-around awesome and inspiring." 

— Hillary, Editor & Writer