Weekly workplace yoga was just what I needed to refocus and inspire myself to stay healthy physically and mentally throughout the workweek. Yoga with Julie each week was a reminder to breathe more and stress less. Then, when I was in an accident and had broken bones, yoga became the most useful tool that I had to strengthen myself and measure my healing progress, one downward dog, one tree pose, one warrior pose at a time. I was deeply grateful for the supportive and restorative nature Julie brought to each class.

— Kerri, Nonprofit Administrator

Julie has been in my life for over 13 years and brought the love of yoga that changed my life. I truly cannot imagine a week without Julie bringing her serene energy and yoga practice into my world.

— Robin, Designer / Entrepreneur

I have been taking yoga all over NYC for 20 years, and Julie is my favorite teacher. Her classes are always physically challenging while still being intelligent and thoughtful. Julie is not only a wonderful teacher but a warm, special person and I feel lucky to have found her. I cannot recommend her enough. 

— Katia, Fitness Instructor

Julie's yoga classes have been a game-changer for me. I have been practicing for over 20 years, and when I practice with Julie, I find I am able to concentrate more on my breath and movement and focus on how my body and mind work together. From Julie's calm voice, to the music she plays, to the gentle way she makes adjustments, I have never found it so easy to go into myself and my breath. I look forward not only to her classes, but how I feel after: calm, focused and energized. 

— Danika, Art Director


Everyone needs a Julie Peacock in their life! I’ve been practicing yoga with Julie almost weekly for the past few years. My only wish is that I could see her EVERY day. Besides Julie’s amazingly warm, calm and soothing demeanor, she brings such realness to her encouraging words. 

I am constantly amazed how Julie creates a different class each week which happily makes me pay attention and, in turn, stay focused on my practice which isn’t always easy to do. Julie is superb at transitioning and flow, and is also quite a pro at making adjustments no matter how many people are in the class. 

But it is Julie’s overall approach to wellness that means the most to me. She recognizes ‘real life’ and the challenges that come with it no matter one's job, age or family life circumstances. And she truly cares about people, inspiring them to be in a happier, healthier place. While sadly I haven’t quite mastered (yet!) the wonderful daily practices that Julie offers as a way to balance one’s life... I always come back to her encouraging, non-judgmental words in my mind when I need to de-stress during the course of the day.

— Ronni

Julie's class is simply fantastic. Her attention to detail and knowledge to back what she loves is felt in every move, every aroma, every adjustment and every sound. An added bonus - when she sets an intention at the beginning of class, she shares, with sincerity, what she studies and believes herself, and it never fails to be wonderfully insightful and something to carry throughout your day, week or life. I'm grateful we met and look forward to her classes.

— Loralye, CEO / Inventor

Julie's classes are guided by the stillness of her voice and her grounded directives.  She is infused with a great ability to quiet the mind and empower the body. She is aware of any nuance in my practice and her slightest adjustments seem to perfectly align my body as her words calm my mind and give spirit to my soul.  Julie's classes are a highlight of my week - I know I will leave invigorated and inspired to start my day! 

— Catherine McCarthy, Gallery Owner 



Julie’s practice is a one-stop-shop for all of your wellness and nutrition needs. Her knowledge and experience are rock solid, so you can absolutely trust that you’re in expert hands. On top of that, Julie is warm, supportive, and highly accessible. She’s there for you, bottom line, and working with her is an incredibly positive experience.

—Sara, International Human Rights Lawyer

Julie is an absolutely essential part of my overall wellness plan. She provided a detailed, clear, achievable program for me to continually improve and refine my nutrition plan. She provided me regular progress reports including what I was doing well, what I need to improve, and what I need to start doing.

Her “bedside manner” is also incredibly affirming, positive, and incremental / achievable. She also integrated her nutrition recommendations into my workout plan, so I got the right nutrition for the fitness regimen I am on.  She’s great— I highly recommend her and have to my friends looking for a nutritionist.

— Jeff, Consulting Senior Manager

I have a very challenging relationship with my body. I'm convinced I will never be skinny enough, fit enough or strong enough. These thoughts are all-consuming.

I try every fad diet and they never work because depriving myself always leads to a binge. Which then turns into another cycle of negative thoughts and more fad diets and intense workouts promising quick results. Over and over again...

Then along came Julie. 

There are some people you are just meant to cross paths with. From my first nutrition session with Julie, she was professional, knowledgeable and reminded me of an old friend. Working with Julie, I'm developing a more positive and healthy attitude about food, my body and the mind/body connection that comes with it. 

Since Julie is also a yoga teacher, she incorporates sincere lessons that apply not only to nutrition but how to navigate the challenges of life. She cares so much about her work and clients and constantly checks in, which provides extra motivation. 

This is slowly breaking the negative cycle that consumes me. Instead of beating myself up for eating "badly," or making the wrong choices, I am able to recognize that I can always begin again - and the body I live in is healthy and health is wealth. The one thing I want more in life is on the way to happening after forty-one years...

And I said to my body, softly. "I want to be your friend." It took a long breath and replied, "I have been waiting my whole life for this."

— Alene, Event Planner