I've been curious about what makes the body and mind feel good for many years. Growing up in a sporty family in the Midwest, I learned quickly about the effects that movement had on me physically, emotionally and energetically. During high school, I discovered the joy of cooking and being creative in the kitchen, and I began to make the connection between what I ate and how I felt. I soon became absorbed in learning about health, wellness, and food, which inspired me to study nutrition at Indiana University.

While living in a small town in Wisconsin after college and searching for a movement practice to complement my running, I took my first yoga class. I was astounded to discover the joy, ease and spaciousness that yoga can bring, quickly realizing it was the missing piece in my "wellness" plan for myself. I've never looked back.


In 1998, I moved to Minneapolis to work as a public health nutritionist. It was there that I began to understand more clearly how I wanted to help people in their health journeys. I also found a warm and generous Ashtanga teacher who deepened my love of yoga and challenged me to dive more deeply into myself. Through my hours on the mat and in meditation practice, I began to find beauty in the stillness of the moment and the importance of staying with all that arises - joy, frustration, pain, delight, sadness, disappointment, and calm.

In 2004, after taking a workshop with the renowned yoga and meditation teacher Cyndi Lee, I moved to NYC and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at OM Yoga Center where vinyasa flow was integrated with Iyengar alignment and Buddhist principles.


When pregnant with my first child in 2006, I studied with Janice Clarefield and became certified to teach prenatal yoga. I continue to work with pregnant and postpartum women as they embark on this adventure like no other.

And to my surprise, in 2015, after a several-year adventure in food sharing, I co-authored The Soup Club Cookbook with neighborhood friends Courtney Allison, Tina Carr and Caroline Laskow. Check out the many delicious recipes in the book and read more about my experience in Food & Nutrition Magazine and Yoga City NYC.

These days, I work with all kinds of people who want to feel better in their own skin. I offer nutrition and wellness coaching to individuals, athletes, corporate groups, schools and families, as well as private yoga lessons and group classes in the NYC area. I encourage my clients to fully inhabit their bodies, cultivate connection and discover balance.

 When I'm not working, I love running the NYC bridges, spending time in the Catskills with my family, gallery hopping, and biking around NYC. I live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan with my yogi/doctor husband and our three children.