I've long been interested in the many ways that food sustains and connects people. Eating in a way that is both intentional and pleasurable promotes our healthiest and most balanced self. Taking care of ourselves is not only vital to how we feel but how we show up in the world for others. Thankfully, there’s so much more to being healthy and happy than micromanaging nutrition; we can nurture a full spectrum of wellness.

And that's where I come in. I know that the challenge of eating and living well is real, and that a little help can go a long way. Combining the knowledge and training of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, experience as a working mom of three, and passion for living mindfully, I meet my clients where they are and help them realistically set and achieve their nutritional and wellness goals. 

I’ve made it my life’s work to help people, just like you, in whatever capacity I can.

From stress management, movement, sleep, relationships, to eating best for your lifestyle — I can help. In my early career as a Dietitian, I had the privilege to care for a variety of diseases in a public health setting,  managing heart disease, cancer, autoimmune issues, thyroid conditions, metabolic syndrome, IBS, child and maternal health, and food allergies. In my one-on-one work then and since, I’ve coached people to better their health through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and how to live well beyond our coaching sessions. My ultimate goal is for you to live mindfully, have fun, eat good food, and feel amazing — and that’s something we all deserve no matter where we come from or what our state of health. 



This is for you if you’re looking for recommendations to advance your health goals through food, exercise and supplement recommendations, cooking education and an in-depth look into your lifestyle.  Nutrition coaching is ideal for healthy adults and families seeking a nutrition "check up"and who want to delve more deeply into their wellness routines, ask questions about nutrition, and receive feedback, direction, guidance, and support. Coaching sessions can be scheduled for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Please note that coaching is not for clients with significant past medical history and existing medical conditions - read below about Nutrition Counseling.


This option offers a more in-depth, individualized, and appropriate plan for individuals with existing medical conditions that require a customized therapeutic diet, or for clients who desire a customized nutrition plan. Whether it's digestion issues, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, weight gain, balancing hormones, increasing energy, getting the glow, working with a specialized diet or improving your relationship with food, I look forward to supporting you.

Individualized nutrition counseling include:

  • Customized weight management
  • Overcoming emotional eating
  • Plant-based nutrition
  • Nutrition for optimal health, energy, anti-aging, and disease prevention
  • Pre/postnatal and family nutrition
  • Specialized diets 


For clients who would like and could greatly benefit from daily contact, accountability, support and motivation, this level of counseling and coaching is the best option. This is an "all-in" approach to committing to changing your habits and creating a wellness partnership ensuring success at reaching your goals. At this level, we combine nutrition coaching and counseling sessions with daily email support. This which entails sending me your daily food and exercise journals via email as well as twice weekly 15-30 minute check-ins. I'll respond at least once each day (7 days a week) with feedback, support, guidance, answers to your questions, and when appropriate,  give"homework assignments". I can also be  available for "emergency" situations where extra guidance is needed. 

All coaching and counseling sessions can be done online, by phone or in person in NYC. Contact me for more information, rates and to set up a session.

"The unexpected surprise to the counseling sessions with Julie regarding my nutrition and diet was the feeling that she had joined me in my efforts. Her infectious enthusiasm propelled me to make lasting alterations within the framework of sustainable daily living. I feel gratitude to her for her patience, kindness, sagacity and presence."  

—Ted, Educator


I met Julie when I attended one of her yoga classes. The well-being she emanates makes one feel glad and hopeful to be in her presence. When I learned that in addition to teaching yoga she was a nutrition and wellness consultant, I knew right away that I wanted to work with her in this capacity. After a year full of big life transitions and surgeries related to breast cancer, I wanted to continue healing and pushing myself to achieve personal self care goals that had been eluding me. I consider myself successful in my career and in my interpersonal relationships, but in my relationship with myself, I often struggle with self care feel like a kid trying to put a puzzle together. I have a vision of myself, (like the picture on the box of the completed puzzle), and all the pieces are there, I am pretty sure, but putting them together is a challenge. 

In my meetings with Julie, we started from the beginning, focusing on things like daily water intake, and creating achievable goals at the end of each meeting. We talked about food, sleep, and exercise habits, as well as how to read ingredient labels more carefully. Her compassion helped me be more compassionate with myself. Her ability to see where I was at, and be next to me to nudge me along at a pace that felt in tune, gave me courage. While it has not been easy to create new habits, I feel that with Julie, I have done so with ease. With her kind, knowledgable support, I feel I am on the path I want to be on, and that she is there with me. 

- Christine, Set Designer 

Julie utterly transformed my way of eating and of looking at my health. With her bottomless compassion, generosity and incredibly deep knowledge of all things wellness, she explained how to shift my habits ever so slightly so that I'd approach each meal (and day) with confidence and clarity. And she made it fun! She helped me feel excited to eat well (allowing a few indulgences a week, which helped!), find time to move my body, and carve out the time to meal plan. Even though it only took a few small changes, under Julie's guidance, I feel like a new person. 

—Abigail, Writer & Editor