WEDNESDAY: 12-1:15 PM / Int/Adv Vinyasa / The Shala (816 Broadway, NYC) 

FRIDAY: 9:15-10:25 AM / All levels Vinyasa / Lower East Side Studio (415 Grand St, E2006, NYC) 


Private yoga is fantastic if you are new to yoga, want to establish a home practice, are interested in deepening your practice or are working with a specific injury or issue and could benefit from a yoga class specifically designed for you. Working with a teacher who knows your individual needs and understands the unique body and mind you bring into your practice each session can be transforming. Integrating movement, breath practices, mindfulness meditation and my own 20+ years of practice, I teach adults, kids, families, pregnant women, corporate groups, private parties and teacher trainings.

For information about studying with me one-on-one
or in a small group, please email me.


"After more than eight years practicing yoga with Julie, both privately and in her group classes, I'm so grateful for her patient, compassionate, light-hearted approach to our work together. I routinely leave a class with Julie feeling a renewed sense of calm, focus, and energy. And when the demands of work and family mean I can't practice with her for a few weeks, I immediately notice the loss, and I truly crave our next time on the mat!"

—Annie, Actor

"Julie’s yoga classes are so fulfilling that they’ve kept me coming back regularly over the last five years— for my longest commitment to a yoga practice (or any physical activity) ever!"

—Ian, Attorney

"I look forward to my Friday morning ritual—yoga with Julie and friends—which has strengthened my body, calmed my mind and opened my heart. Her soothing voice and wise words serve to enlighten my day."

—Carrie, Nurse Practitioner